Taking Customization to A Whole New Level

Every pair is designed with attention to the finest detail.

Custom Suede Tieks

Our process involves carefully treating & stripping the leather, brushing them into suede and dying them to the color of your choice.

We can match your favorite patterns!

Our Own Take on Popular Styles

We are passionate about getting creative!

Hard to Find Styles?

Chances are, we can match them. Or come really close.

Insole Replacement & Repairs

Suede Tieks

Choose your color or pattern! Send in your classics for an epic TRANSFORMATION!
or order a new pair and ship them directly to us for customization!

Bored with your Obsidians?
Send them in for a Makeover!

Just pick your style.

Tired of Your Taupes?
We can make them look like this!

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