About the Artist

Jennifer Freire

Jennifer Freire

Artist, Founder

Jennifer is a lifelong artist who was born in, raised in, and continues to live in New Orleans. She is a web designer, graphic artist, photographer, painter, sculptor, and most proudly, a mother of two amazing children.

From the early age of 10, Jennifer knew she was talented in fine art and focused her education through college primarily on art. In high school, she attended NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts), a very distinguished institution in which students must be tested and selected from hundreds of applicants in order to enroll. She later attended the University of New Orleans, where she earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts.

With her vast, well-rounded knowledge of art and her passion for technology, science, and fashion, she brings all of her skills together to create unique works of wearable art. She values beauty as well as quality, and by using the finest materials, she strives to produce custom art that is made to last.