Sell Us Your Tieks

We want your Tieks! Let us know what you have. We’re always looking for gently worn Tieks to customize. Send us a FB message (bottom right corner of this page) if you have a pair you wish to sell or trade in for credit towards an in-stock, customized pair.

We often reach out to potential sellers through various platforms and want you to know we value your business. With so many online sales outlets and payment methods, we understand your concerns about security and safety. We share the same concerns and have taken the following precautions to ensure both parties are protected.

1. We conduct business only with individuals who have Facebook profiles. All correspondence is done through FB Messenger. If you don’t have a FB profile, please understand we cannot conduct sales as it put both parties at risk.

2. We will send you a pre-paid shipping label (PDF) for you to print.

  • Use a lightweight USPS Tyvek envelope, available free of charge from your local post office.
  • Please do not add heavy padding to the envelope. Bubble wrap is okay since it is very light.
  • Simply cut the label out and apply to the envelope with clear packaging tape, being sure to cover the entire label.
  • All shipments are sent via USPS Priority mail with the proper insurance coverage.

3. We prefer to use Paypal for all transactions since they offer both seller and buyer protection. We understand not everyone uses Paypal though, and we will consider other payment methods per seller’s request. Depending on seller’s preferred payment method, we may request that the item be delivered before payment is submitted. This is to protect us from potential fraud.

If you have any questions about our policies, feel free to send us a private message. We’re very resonsive and always happy to accommodate any way we can.


Thank You!

Jennifer Freire, Owner
Reborn Leather